Salted Caramel Pretzel
Chocolate Chip
Stormy Pebbles
Double Choco Brownie
P.B. Fudge
Oatmeal Raisin
Loaded P.B.
P.B. Nutella Swirl
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Espresso Bean
®Oreo  & Cream
Spicy Salted Cocoa
White Choco Mac Nut
Chocolate Chip Biscuit
lemon Bar Raspberry Preserve (In-store Only)
Brookie (NEW)


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*All cookie flavors can be made into our cookie cakes*

We pride ourselves in

having perfect tasting

cookie cakes with a

simple, heart-felt,

personalized, message

written on them.

Say, "I love you despite your

bad grades" ...Or literally anything you want! 

We offer:

Minis - Serves 1 to 2

Small - Serves 12 to 15

Large - Serves 22 to 28

Stacks - Serves 20 to 24

Gender Reveal - serves 20

From $10.95 - $58.95

The perfect way to say "thank you" to your clients. 

For catering or B2B orders email:


What makes our cookies

Delightfully Perfect?

Our cookies are super

dense, rich, and big! 

They have a slight

golden brown crunch

on the outside and

are always soft and gooey on the inside. We also use the best ingredients we can find because it matters to us what we eat and we don't want you to eat anything we wouldn't. 


In 2015 Sara & Dougie were newly dating and both had a passion for sweets. They started baking together as something fun to do outside of the typical date night and you could say, they got a little obsessed. As their love for each other grew, so did their baking skills. About a year or so after they started baking together, they finally felt like they perfected the cookie - just in time to get married.

The Taylors in "Taylor Chip"
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See, then taste the difference.

Engage and be social with us

Our thick and dense cookies, cookie cakes and edible cookie dough make us Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg's top choice for desserts.



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