We don't believe in labels, we believe in the individual working together to produce high quality products we all can be proud of. Taylor Chip was a passion before it was a business and that is why we look to partner with people who are equally passionate about what they're doing.

Passion drives ingenuity and quality.


Blessed to be located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we are able to take advantage of some of the world’s richest soil coupled with a vibrant farming community.


Freedom is essential to happiness.

That is why we only use truly

pasture raised eggs. All our eggs

come from a pasture in Mount Joy,

PA. They are soy free and non-GMO happy chickens and our farmer's standards well exceed the USDA's Organic guidelines.  


Chocolate is a long time tradition in Lancaster County. Lititz chocolate making dates back to before Hershey's (our neighbor) started making it. We're lucky enough to be able to tap into that and use Lititz chocolate as the chips of choice for our cookies.

Hammond's Hand Made Pretzels:

Our Salted Caramel Pretzel Cookie is the star of the show ever since we first released it. We make it with house made caramel (Cream, Sugar, Butter) and thick, crunchy hand made pretzels from just a few miles down the road from us.

Better than "Fair Trade"

"We source our Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans directly from farmers and villages in the SAVA of Madagascar, primarily Sambava. By working directly and forming relationships with these farmers and villagers, we are able to help provide them with their needs and at the same time they provide us with high quality, fully mature organic vanilla beans."


- Cook Flavoring Company

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